Big love to all who came out to Saturday’s show at Zaphod’s in Ottawa. The band has a long history there, and when we found out that Eugene Haslam was retiring and had sold the club, we had to go back to say thank you. We left Toronto early on Saturday morning, and after a quick stop in Napanee for some food, arrived in Ottawa. After loading in and a quick soundcheck, we started to prepare for the show. The Minor Nines opened and were a cool trio – bass player had altered a nylon string guitar to be a bass. Jarrod gave it a quick try-out during our soundcheck and it was pretty cool.

Showtime arrived and we walked on stage a full room, and tried to give it everything we had for an hour. We didn’t even get off the stage before we were asked for an encore by the super awesome crowd – we obliged with David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and our tune ‘The Other Side’.

While the bus was loaded we had a chance to reconnect with old friends and meet the amazing people who decided to spend their Saturday night with us in our nation’s capital. On the road just after midnight, we pulled back in to T.O. in the early morning hours, got in our cars, and drove home, grateful for such a great show.