Julian Taylor Band

The Julian Taylor Band is a culmination of long-lasting friendships, a fusion of different musical cultures and an occasional hair shake for extra points.* JTB is a collective of accomplished musicians from the GTA who are fluent in virtually every genre, and all embody the same kind of passion and tenacity which allows them to consistently deliver a soulful performance.

Frontman Julian Taylor is of both West Indian and Native Canadian descent, born and raised in Toronto. He began his music career as a teenager, playing at open stages around town.  Alongside drummer Jeremy Elliott, Julian has led a distinctive path within the Canadian music industry. “We’d all been in bands before, so amazingly JTB just kind of happened,” says Jeremy. Picking up some award-winning friends along the way, the Julian Taylor Band has become the (occasionally) eight-piece soul-rock band we’ve come to know.

The band writes and performs unabashedly positive music that makes you feel good. It’s a fusion of soul, rock and R&B – or rather, a form of modern rhythm and blues infused with rock ‘n’ roll.

They’re set to release their sophomore record, the double-album Desert Star, when it’s completed in the summer of 2016. The vision behind Desert Star is to re-invent the way a double album is launched: instead of the full album appearing all-at-once, four five-song EPs will be released every quarter-year until completion.

The EPs stand alone as individual projects, but they’re intended to contribute to one greater idea: that if a single flower can grow in a desert, a multitude can. Desert Star is lyrically about the realization that the good can overcome the bad, but not without struggle. The album hopes to re-contextualize “soul music,” not as another genre that can be put into a box defined by racial precedent or sound requirements, but as a medium that truly speaks to the soul. This philosophy governs the Julian Taylor Band’s sound, versatility and ideology.

*At a battle of the bands, Taylor’s hat fell off during the performance. Afterwards, one of the judges told him he had lost a point because his hat came off, but gained a point for shaking his hair around.