Julian Taylor Band

Persistence and a never-give-up, hard-working ethic are at the core of Toronto native Julian Taylor’s accomplishments. Julian is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter who began his music career as a teenager playing at open stages around the greater Toronto area. Those humble beginnings have led him down a storied path that includes the release of seven albums and 10 top-forty hit singles.

When you first meet Julian, he will impress you as a charming fellow, the kind who immediately makes you feel at ease. Underneath it all is the sort of steely determination and tenacity that guarantee success.

A true music fan and accomplished performer, Julian displays a raw emotion on stage and in the studio that is palpable. His distinct vocal delivery gives unique expression to his well-crafted songs, resulting in highly energetic and incredibly entertaining performances.

He’s listened to – and learned from – all genres of music, but came by his wide-ranging musical tastes naturally. Growing up surrounded by family members who themselves either play or sing, he was influenced early on by the sounds of Motown, Blue Note, Stax and other great, timeless music.

Comprised of a group of formidable musicians, The Julian Taylor Band has just released their new album Tech Noir to critical acclaim.

Tech Noir ranges from the funky vibe of “Do You Remember,” a song written in memory of younger days spent running around the streets of Toronto, to the tender ballad “Carry Me Home,” a lament about the passing of his beloved grandfather, to the soulful bounce of “Be Good To Your Woman.”

“I feel like I’m in a good space and things are clicking,” says Taylor. “I’m singing, performing and writing some of the best songs of my life.” A culmination of all the musical influences that have touched him throughout his lifetime, Tech Noir is all eclectic and all-encompassing. It’s an album you’ll want to sit down and listen to, but before long you’ll be ready to get your groove on.